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2 weeks to Boston – race and long run


Yesterday at 7:30 a.m. I was still sitting on the Norwegian Sun cruise ship in San Pedro. My bags were packed and my wife and I were ready to roll! As soon as they gave us the clearance we rolled the bags off the ship and met a friend waiting for us outside. The friend, Rick Kemper, drives for Uber, but we arranged an unofficial ride between the two of us…. We were home just after 9.

There was a race scheduled for 10:30 near my home in Palmdale. It was new race being put on by a brewery I had never heard of, kind of behind the Palmdale Walmart in the Industrial area there. They were raising money for the National Park service. I thought a race would be a good way to get used running on land again so I headed over. My friends, who had known I was away on the cruise were a little surprised perhaps to see me.

The race a was a bit disorganized, they were not ready to sign in the runners at 9:45. Most, frankly had not yet arrived. By the time that they got everyone checked in, and got the race started it was 10:42.   They had no timing mechanism and they were not planning on trying to produce results, but there were more than 100 runners there I was ready to race.  The race just followed the sidewalks over to division, make a loop and headed back again. It turned out to be a little short at 2.95 miles.

As the race started two guys were out ahead of me, but I was staying close. The first guy slowly pulled away, but by the end of mile one I had caught the 2nd! I was in 2nd place! Woo Hoo!  I heard one guy behind me and he was hanging tough.  Little by little he caught me and got ahead by about a mile and half.  He pulled away and I ran in a solid 3rd place. Racing into the parking lot I suddenly heard someone coming really fast. Some young guy with a kick ran by and there was NOTHING I could do about it… sprints are not my specialty…. I mean, I tried, I finished as fast as I could but he got by and got a few meters ahead by the finish. Still… 4th place is awesome!!!  Especially when the 3 ahead of me all looked to be about 25 to 30… this 56 year old can live with that!

This was my 71st 5k and 231st race of my running career!  Woo Hoo!

I should have taken some photos… but alas I did not… but here is a Relive video showing myself and Jim Haskett:

So, today I followed up the 5k with a 16 mile long run. I ran from my house round about through the Rancho Vista area and eventually ended up at my mom and dad’s house.


This morning my wife and I took them to their church rather than going to ours. Dad has Alzheimers and is on home hospice – he is unable to care for himself… and the song “Worthy is the Lamb” had him quite confused for awhile afterwards…. he used to be a Teacher and Elder in the church…  on a funny side note, later we had lunch and my wife brought some yummy brownies…. Dad would eat one and then a couple of minutes later see or hear someone else with one. He would then say, “I didn’t get a brownie.” So we would have to give him another… This happened about 4 or 5 times. We were almost getting suspicious. In his prior days I could imagine him trying something like this…

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