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I’m Sailing Away…..

It has been almost a month since I posted…. Most of this time I have been away on my latest epic vacation. We left Thursday night the 15th, flying over night to Miami. On Friday morning we boarded the Norwegian Sun and cruised through the Panama Canal back to Los Angeles. We disembarked yesterday morning before 8 am.  I will post a recap of the cruise itself separately.. maybe several posts….

With Boston coming up, taking a 15 day cruise may not have been the smartest option. But… well… I was willing to risk it….  Somethings are more important for a 56 yr old husband than trimming a minute or two off of my marathon time at Boston….

Prior to Boston I was following a plan I devised based on a plan from FIRST, which had me running just 3 days a week, with cross training on the other days. I was pretty good about getting good quality runs in on those three days, but I was a little sketchy about always getting in my cross training Elliptigo rides.  So, as I was in the last couple of days before the cruise, I made a course correction.  Realizing that I would not have access to my Elliptigo on the cruise (obviously), I decided to go with more running days. What I did was looked up the Hansen’s Marathon Training Plan and jumped in at the appropriate week for my training.

I have followed Hansen’s before. They subscribe to 6 runs a week and these runs are longer on “short” days, but shorter on “long” days than most other plans.  So, I got on the ship and ran most of the days I was there. The first few days I attempted to run on the deck of the ship. This is what I always do when cruising, and I enjoy it…. but I don’t usually cruise this close to the equator. It was hot… It was muggy… They had a rule NOT allowing use of the running track between 8pm and 8am, meaning I could not get up early and run before all the walkers got out there. Furthermore, they kept working on the deck, closing a section at a time turning the 3 1/3 laps per mile loop into an akward back and forth sort of thing. Still, I got in a few 7 – 10 mile runs out there.

Day 1 – Saturday the 17th – 10 miles on deck crossing the Caribean
Day 2 – Sunday 3/18 – 10 more miles on deck. crossing the Caribean
Day 3 – Monday 3/19 – I ran in the afternoon after doing an Segway tour of Cartegena. Here is a Relive Video of a run as the ship was leaving:

The first part is funny to track. The ship left the port and did a 360 before it started out of the harbor…

Day 4 – Tuesday 3/20 – The ship did a Panama Canal transit. We entered the locks in the morning, spent all day transitioning across the Isthmus and went through the opposite locks in the late afternoon. Mid transit I went out on the deck and 6 repeats of 1 mile each – fast, in spite of the crowds.

Day 5 – Wednesday 3/21 was an official rest day.
Day 6 – Thursday 3/22 should have been an easy run day – but it didn’t happen. We were in Costa Rica all day.

Both of these days I was side tracked dealing with a trailer theft issue. Someone stole my 12 ft camping trailer out of our driveway! I found out because two nice ladies out horse back riding near Leona Valley happened upon  the trailer. The thought it was out of placed just parked in a little canyon off by itself. The door was open and they found my name on a magazine inside. They found me on facebook and sent me pictures. I called my friend Lieutenant Erik Ruble and he sent deputies and sure enough they found it.

Only problem, apparently it was really raining that week in Palmdale. It was flooded out around the trailer and the tow company would not go get it until after the rain. This went on all week until Saturday when my son in law went out and got it for me….. meanwhile, though lots of text messages with Erik and various friends looking for someone to go retrieve it for me…. btw, the trailer only has minor damage to the jack stands mounted underneath, and the steps.  Apparently it went over some really rough terrain!

Day 7 Friday 3/23- I was scheduled for 10 miles at Marathon Pace. We were docking in Nicaragua and there would have been time in the afternoon, but the thought of fighting the heat and the walkers was a dread… so I got up early and ran on a treadmill. I hate treadmills… The lack of air movement makes me sweat like a pig. I have to have a towel and wipe my face every 30 seconds or so…. it is ridiculous… but there was tv built in… I could not hear it, but I watched a movie and did 10 miles at 7:57 pace!

Day 8 Saturday 3/24 Guatemala – 7 miles on treadmill – 8:30 pace
Day 9 Sunday 3/25 Sea Day – 16 miles on treadmill – 8:30 pace
Day 10 Monday 3/26 Acapulco – day off
Day 11 Tuesday 3/27 Sea Day – 8 miles including timed intervals of 10min, 9min, 8 min, 6min, and 9 min on the dreadmill.
Day 12 Wednesday 3/28 – 2 miles easy recovery
Day 13 and 14…. Thursday and Friday – I guess the heat and the dreadmill got to me…. I took these day off… but let’s call the tapering for a race scheduled on Saturday

In addition to all this running I was really good about doing my core exercises EVERY DAY except the last two!

So, the numbers for March are pretty good – running wise and Core training (PPLD) wise – but I got NO cycling in at all??

March Running 138 YTD 318 Running
Elliptigo 0 73 Elliptigo
Tandem/Hybrid/Mtn 0 28 Tandem
Road Cycl 0 0 Road Cycle
Running Equivalents 138 366 Running Equivalents
PPLD 850 1650 PPLD


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