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Post Marathon Recovery Bliss

Recovery and Bliss… may sound like an oxymoron. How can a time of soreness, of pictures like the one below,  be a time of bliss?


btw, the picture looks a lot worse than my feet feel….

After a big race, that you have been training for, after the adventure, after the struggle, then comes the kudos, the accolades, the personal knowledge that you have done something worthwhile…

boston perspective

This was my 20th marathon, and it seems like recovery gets easier and easier. Training does not get easier, but recovery does…. and during recovery you forget about the training.

So… last week, I was thinking… that weekend was SO much fun… I wanted to do it again. Especially if I could go with Hylands.  Remember, I was on the Hylands’ team as a “Legacy” runner. Most of us Legacy runners were teachers who had already qualified and registered for Boston prior to the selection of the teacher team, but there were a few “Legacy” runners who had run previous years with Hylands. I asked the team coach and he said I should have that option if I qualify once again.

So… I want to requalify…. I DID qualify for Boston, at Boston, technically, but only by 29 seconds. This year to actually get in you had to qualify by 3:23. I was qualified by 3:57.  In order to requalify I will have to run 3:36 or faster, before September when Boston does its registration. The only local marathon that fits the bill is Mountains 2 Beach, where I qualified last year.  I logged onto their site and they were full, but they had a waiting list… so I got on it. That was Tuesday, the day after Boston. By Friday I had made it from #96 to the top of the waiting list. Last Saturday, I completed my registration…

I got my camping friends from church to agree to go camping with me. We will camp at Ventura RV resort. This campground is on main street just west of the 33 freeway. It is about .7 miles from the bus pick up place, about .4 miles from the course as it crosses main street and only a mile from the finish line. So, I can walk to the bus in the morning and my wife and friends can walk to the finish line to help me celebrate the finish. The bad part of the plan may be sleeping in a camper the night after the marathon…..

While still in my excitement, I noted that some friends had registered for the first ever Big Bear Marathon… a new Revel downhill race down highway 38 (I think) from the Big Bear area down into Redlands… 5k foot elevation drop.  It is in October, which is too late for Boston, but if I go faster there I would have a faster entry time for a better corral position…. and a qualifier for 2020… so, I registered for that too….

Looking at the 5 weeks between Boston and M2B, I need one really good 20 miler. So, Phantom Trail Race – 20 miler on May 5 – sure, why not….

Clay, is probably reading this thinking, what about our bike ride?  He and I are doing 400 miles in late June – Sierra to the Sea… and i DO need to get some time in the saddle. I am confident in my strength and endurance… but my behind and my neck need to get used to time on the bike. I plan a long ride the 12th of May – perhaps Tour of Long Beach 100k, and Ojai Valley Century early June…. busy couple of months ahead… but what else is new?



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