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Speed work and downhills

Tuesday was our usual Tuesday night High Desert Runners track work out.  It was a very hot evening – 90+ degrees, at least when we started. So I chose a shorter interval workout. 12 x 90 seconds of out and backs.  We all start at the start line on the track and run fast 90s the usual counter clockwise direction.. at 90s my phone beeps and I yell, “TIME!”  Everyone stops their run and pays close attention to exactly where they were when I yelled, “time.”  During the next 90s the come to a stop, return to that location and recover…. some of us added push ups.  On the 2nd rep, we run the opposite direction – clockwise – back to the start line.  This gives us the goal of repeating the exact same pace in order to be at the start line when I yell, “TIME” again. The return interval is a little tougher due to the prevailing westerly wind. But, you get the advantage of chasing and catching others… or being chased and caught by others.  I was very happy with the results. Most reps, I was about 385 meters – probably 5s shy of finishing the lap – so about a 6:20 pace!

Yesterday, we had another practice meet for the Hillview team, so I did not get in a workout…..  The team, btw, is doing awesomely, again.  3 of my distance runners set school records: Alex in the 7th boys 800m at 2:20.20, Laisette in the 7th girls 800m – 2:29.0 and Shelby in the 8th girls mile with a time of 5:37.0!

This morning I met Karl for a workout. We ran at 5 am in the cool of the morning. It was in the 60s and there was no wind… nice.  We did the Lobster run!

Lobster Run SportTracks

This was probably my 4th run on this route…. Since I am in fine tuning mode for the Mountains 2 Beach marathon, I approached the workout a little differently than usual… Normally, this is a hill repeat workout. Each of the “legs” pointing down on the map is a pretty good hill, so there are 7 hill repeats. The 7 hill repeats are 7 seven Strava segments. Typically, I go all out and try to score personal records on the segments, but today I did not go for records… I still ran them hard. I still ran them with a 2 to 1 breath pattern, sometimes dipping to 1 to 1… but I left myself just a little so I could push the downhill.

The Mountains 2 Beach Marathon runs from Ojai to Ventura – from the Mountains (Ojai area) to the Sea (the coast of Ventura Beach)  It is a downhill marathon – but not extremely so. It has a net elevation loss of 700 feet. The Lobster run has an elevation gain and loss of  750 feet.  So, I figured if I pushed the downhills I would be getting in some good training for the downhills of the marathon.  Besides, Karl is much faster than me and I cannot keep up with him on the hills… he took it easy on the downhills while I caught (and sometimes passed) him.  The net time for the total workout was much faster than the previous….

2 1/2 weeks to go….

Oh, and here are my April totals and YTD as of April 30

April Running 95 YTD 413 Running
Elliptigo 0 73 Elliptigo
0 28 Tandem
Road Cycl 42 42 Road Cycle
Running Equivalents 109 473 Running Equivalents
PPLD 250 1900 PPLD

That small number on Road Cycle is a little scary considering that I am doing a 100K on Saturday….. and a Century in June…. and Sierra to the Sea also in June….


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