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Sierra to the Sea Day 2

I should start by mentioning that the evening after the ride on day 1…. and the following morning…. the start of day 2… it hurt to walk downhill… The combination of the downhill marathon and 5900 feet of climbing made me pretty sore!

Monday morning we got our gear back to the truck, we enjoyed a yummy breakfast and got ready to ride. The ride started with a few miles of climbing – but after yesterday’s climbs it was not too bad. There was also a 4 mile hill that was pretty tough in the middle around mile 30…. but other than that it was mostly one big down hill blast!

day 2 elevation

We stopped a few time for pictures…. and there were two marvelous rest stops. At one point early in the ride we stopped to photo the awesome high country view. There was a big rock there and I though to myself, “I could climb up there.” And, so I did, and I had Clay hand me my bike… it made for a nice photo!




By the end of the day we were 10 miles northwest of Placerville at a nice camp on the American River. We set up tents and got settled in for a relaxing afternoon…. well I got settled in. Clay decided to go ride more – he retraced the road back to Placerville and back!

The ride was technically very easy- lots of downhill…. but every downhill highway has bumps and we still climbed 2829 feet this day. Plus, I was woefully unprepared for this many hours on a bike… my legs were sore but they managed… it was my neck – and my behind that wanted to be OFF of the bike quite awhile before the ride was actually over.

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