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Sierra to Sea Day 5- best day ever!!

Well, no, not really ever…. but this was my favorite day of the ride!

We started with…. yet another hill…. and it was cold…. I remember because Clay was riding slowly behind me audibly pointing this out…..

After the climb we started some rolling riding and fell into pace with another rider named Tony. We were moving right along when Clay announced we had to stop for a picture… We had just rolled past a huge razor back statue and I had not even noticed…



After having fun with the razorback the four of us enjoyed a ride to the first rest stop.  It was pretty awesome to see the white board recording our accomplishment so far…….Continuing onward we enjoyed cruising through some more of wine country…..


Some time after rest stop number 1, we made a right turn onto what I recall as a slightly less scenic, more traveled road. As we were making the turn 4 riders passed us. Clay took off and joined in the middle of the group. I was feeling pretty good so I stood up, accelerated and joined in at the back. For the next four miles or so we pushed the pace through a rolling terrain. At first I was just trying to hang on the back. After a while, though I found myself moving up the line and eventually even leading it from time to time. We stayed together pushing hard until the 2nd stop.

Clay and I left the rest area on our own and rode into Guerneville. From Guerneville, there was a short optional side trip – 4 miles each way to The Armstrong Redwood National Forest. It was beautiful…


Returning to town we stopped and had some great tacos at a taco truck… whilst enjoying tacos we noticed others stopping at an ice cream shop across the street… so we went there and had a well deserved shake… well I did anyway….. It was only a short ride from there to our camp on the river.  Clay went of for some extra credit and I went and waded in the river.

So, like I said, it was my favorite day…. some beautiful scenery, some speed, some downhills…… and tacos and ice cream!

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