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Sierra to the Sea Day 6 and 7

The final two days of Sierra to the Sea were the shortest two days at 49 miles and 41 miles. Day 6 started with a ride from our camp to the Pacific Ocean. We got to the famous PCH – Pacific Coast Highway and headed south.  In the Los Angeles Basin, PCH is typically right on the sea shore and as such it is pretty flat. In Northern California, however PCH is a roller coaster…. albeit a beautiful one.


I did have a pretty good scare this day…. we were riding on a pretty little side road. There was lots of growth surrounding us. Bugs were plentiful. At one point I felt something fly into my mouth and I experienced a sharp stabbing pain at the back of the roof of my mouth.  I stopped really quick and took some water and tried to rinse out whatever was there but it had already been swallowed.  Based on the jabbing pain, I figured I had swallowed a bee. We were just a few miles from a rest stop so we pedaled onward till we got there. There I took some time and iced the roof of my mouth for awhile, until I was sure I could swallow foods… which I could… for the remainder of the day, it simply felt like a cold’s sore throat…

Upon reaching camp at 19 miles, Clay decided to do a HUGE extra credit ride. He doubled back a mile or so and then took a 20 mile road out to a lighthouse. A few at camp were familiar with the road and were quite amazed he had decided to go out there… Apparently it is VERY hilly and windy…. by Clay’s account this was so… Clay barely made it back to camp in time for dinner…

Day 7 was our final ride – into San Francisco. We continued down PCH for about a dozen miles and then turned left and headed UP!  This was the longest grade of the ride We continued up until we had reached a ridge separating the coast from the northern bay area. The views going up and from the top were spectacular! (click on the panorama view to zoom in….)



We had a screaming fast ride down the other side of the hill into the Mill Valley area and on to Sausolito. And then across the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge –




After crossing we made our way to Golden Gate Park and completed the ride…

All totaled I rode 430.6 miles with 23,258 feet of elevation gain.  It was a really fun experience which I would certainly do again…

Here is a link to Clay’s Blog post..

Here is a link to the Sierra to the Sea Ride web site

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