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Hylands’ Hood to Coast Relay Team!!!

I have been waiting a while to share this… I figured I had to finish one story (Sierra to the Sea) before I started another.. It was actually on my way to the Sierra to the Sea ride that I received a wonderful email…. but I am getting ahead of myself!

You may recall that I was ‘sort of’ a member of the Hylands Boston Marathon All Teacher Team at this years Boston Marathon.  The reason I say, ‘sort of’ is that, since I had already qualified and registered for Boston they invited me to participate as what they call a “Legacy Runner.”  I did not have to do all the videos and such you see on the linked page, but I got to participate with the team over the weekend.

Who is Hylands?


Hylands makes Homeopathic remedies… over the last few months I have been trying them. I have found the allergy relief and the cramp relief remedies to be effective.


I have used the Cramp Relief tablets at several races now, and upon feeling that cramps were imminent they seemed to keep them at bay – within reason…. They aren’t going to help you when you have gone way past your fitness, but they can help you ride the borderline.

Meanwhile -Back to the story:

A few weeks after the marathon, on the Hyland’s 2018 Boston Marathon Insider’s page on Facebook-  someone posted that it would  be cool if all of us could regroup and do another race together… of course we teachers are spread out ALL across the country so I did not figure there was much chance of it. One of the runners, Walter, posted that he happened to have a Hood to Coast relay team and he asked who was interested…. I was one of only a few who expressed some interest. Time went by and so few had responded that I figured the subject was dead.

Then on June 5th the Hyland’s people posted that Walter had offered his team to Hylands and that they were looking to put together a team… for THIS AUGUST!  Last minute…. I discussed with Cheryl and posted that if they would have me, I would be there.  The offer was very uncertain. There were 30 or so on the Boston Marathon team – Hood to Coast is for just 12.  Apparently there are complications regarding exactly the right mix of gender and ability (and maybe age?)

So, on June 15, while on our way to Lake Tahoe I received my official invitation email!  And it was MUCH more than I expected. I have been selected to be one of Hyland’s 12 runners at this year’s Hood 2 Coast relay in Oregon. Hyland’s is FULLY sponsoring the team. They are paying for airfare, race registration, ground transportation, lodging at the start area in Mt Hood, lodging after the finish in Seaside at the coast… Hyland’s gear to wear during the race, all other necessary equipment, the vans… the drivers… etc…. etc.  Even, at least some of the meals!  Wow!!  I am really excited!

hood to coast

I will have to take 2 days off of work. On a Thursday I will fly to Portland and be taken to our pre race chateau… On Friday the race begins… The race is 197 miles long and will take us until sometime Saturday to finish.. Saturday we will have a VIP post race party! Saturday night we will stay near the beach in Seaside… Sunday I fly home..

Now for those who may not be familiar with Hood to Coast… this is a BIG DEAL!  Hood to Coast is to relays as the Boston Marathon is to marathons. It is the grand daddy of relays. It does not have the 100+ year history of Boston, but still, it is the first relay of its kind! And now it is the biggest. There will be 1050 teams of 12 runners each making the 197 mile journey from the base of Mt. Hood to the Pacific Ocean. Like Ragnar Relays (which are modeled after Hood to Coast) each runner runs 3 legs.  Some simple math 197 miles divided by 12 runners yields 16.4 miles each. But the distance is NOT evenly divided… So each runner runs 3 times averaging 5.5 miles each time… And then there is a LONG break and then you run again…. I hear though that sleep is difficult to come by during the 24 hour adventure. Here is a a quick promo video I found:

Some of you may recall that a few years back they made a movie. I highly recommend that you watch it. Here is the trailer.  I found the video on amazon video for a nominal rental fee if you are interested in watching….

So, thanks for letting me share my exciting news!

Go team Hylands!

#sponsored    @hylandspowered

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