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Independence Day 10K and 5k in Santa Clarita

So, with Hood to Coast just 7 or 8 weeks away, it is time to get serious with training. I will have to do, essentially – 3 – 10ks within a 24 hour period.. more or less.. so what would be better training than doing a 10k and 5k back to back?

I headed down to Santa Clarita this morning for their annual Independence Day races. The 10k is first at 7am.  The weather was perfect. It was pretty cool standing around before the race, and it was overcast! The race is an out and back race on the south fork of the river there… on a nice bike path. It is downriver, therefore slightly downhill going out and of course uphill coming back. I am sure the grade is negligible… but you feel it when you are racing on it.

I told myself that if I finished in under 47 I could skip the 5k. I felt pretty good, for most of the race but that last mile I was definitely wishing I was done. My time was 46:29. 20180704_075015.jpgYeah!  But, since I had registered for both, I got in the back of the 5k pack and started it anyway. The 5k starts at 8 so I had about 13 minutes in between the two races. I felt “done” so I decided to just run it as a cool down….

The first two miles of the 5k I ran slow, but loosened up little by little. At mile two, I kind of got bored of running slow, so I picked back up to race effort. I finished strong. My 5k time was 25:35 – good enough….


I am very pleased with the time of the 10K – last year I ran several 10k races and this time ranks right in the middle of them….

Tomorrow night I will add my 3rd race in 2 days with the HDR Summer XC Series 3 miler.


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