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Pick a Card Speed workout

Tuesday night at the High Desert Runners’ Tuesday night track workout, I invented a new way to work some fun into a workout…  After our warm up, rather than prescribing one of my standard sets of intervals I showed the runners a shoe box…. In the shoe box was a deck of cards…. I had to put them into the shoe box so that they would not blow away in the wind. The workout was very simple: Pick a card, jog over to the start line and run an interval of 100m time the number on the card. After your interval you jog back to the box (in the shade at the 50) and pick another card and do it again!   I ended up picking an Ace (100m), 7, Queen (1200), 2, 5, 10, and King…. 5000 meters! The workout was over at 10 till, so we had time to regroup and get in a little cool down…. It was fun!

I was NOT fast though…. Tuesday morning I led my Hillview kids in a Sweet 16 workout. I guess it had been a little too long since I had done this. As the evening approached I could already feel the soreness coming on….

Wednesday I was so sore that I took a rest day.

Thursday night was my 2nd go at the HDR Summer XC race series…. I was still quite sore, so I figured I would make it a Tempo run…. but then I noted that all the guys that might typically beat me were not there…. so maybe I could win my age group and score 1st place High Desert Runners Grand Prix Points…. I got a 2nd last week and you only get placing points for your best finish, so only a 1st place would be an improvement…. but then Joe Kim showed up and I have not beat him in years….

So the race started and once again I headed out conservatively.  But Joe was just a little ways ahead. I went through the first mile in 7:45.  As the 2nd mile progressed I noticed that I was gaining on Joe. Sure enough, I caught him and passed him!  As the rest of the mile went by… and the 3rd one as well, I saw the Joe stayed not too far behind.  As I got to the Rayburn hill on the 3rd mile I could hear him coming…. sure enough cresting the last hill Joe wend by…. I was not able to respond…. So, 2nd place, once again!  But, my time was under 24. I ran 30 or 40 seconds faster than last week!

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