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How do you run at 97 degrees!

You pool run!  I have an above ground pool, and years ago I found that I could run in it. The pool is only about 25 feet long and 16 or so wide. But I just keep running ovals in the same direction. Pretty soon a current develops so that the resistance from the water becomes no so much more than that of air. I never actually get to moving very quickly though. It is not quite the same, of course. I don’t think my heart rate get very high, probably about equivalent to a very easy run. But the muscles in my legs get a slightly different stress. I feel it more in my thighs than with normal running. Still .. not bad cross training.

Oh, yesterday I competed in my 3rd cross country race of the summer. Once again I felt slow and sluggish and a bit sore as I warmed up. On Tuesday I had done a hill sprint workout with my Hillview team and then a Sweet 16 workout with the HDR peeps at Joe Walker in the evening… my legs had a right to be a bit sore.

The weather was only about 90 and VERY windy. It made the racing conditions rather weird. We started with a big tail wind, but turning to run over the Rayburn hill was running into a big headwind as well! The thing is, the portions of the race, that should have been aided by a tail wind, seemed to be protected… all I felt in these sections was stillness and heat!

I decided going in not to race it all out… to treat it as a tempo run. And I did…. and I won. I finished a minute and a half slower than my race effort of last week, but THIS week it was good enough for an age group win!  Yeah!

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