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Mt Pacifico


This morning was the High Desert Runners monthly Mountain Trail Fun Run! These often fall on Sundays or on days when I have races planned, so I only seem to be able to make 2 or 3 a year. When the schedule works out I look forward to it. I arrived a few minutes early and some were already there getting ready…

Justin was in charge, so he was there manning the sign in sheet and checking on the need for water. Rob Perez and Nestor Ponce De Leon got there right about the same time. They pretty quickly started up the trail together. Scott Zeirman also arrived about the same time as me and he got going with his dog, Mollie. Louanne Grier was there with a friend and has started their ‘hike’ just as I pulled up. Some of the senior club members were already out there as well. I waited till a few after 7 hoping for someone my speed to run with but no one arrived, so off I went.

I did notice a car pull in just as I headed out, I did not recognize any of the runners. They were from the Santa Clarita area… Darren Rogers and friends. Darren has a facebook group of Santa Clarita Trail runners I see online regularly. It took me more than a mile to catch Scott, and then I saw no one…. I did not feel as strong as I recall running it last time. I had to walk a few times… So I was expecting the Santa Clarita crew, or someone to catch me anytime…. but no one ever did. I found myself all the way on the top of the mountain on my own.


After 5 or 10 minutes people started arriving… seemingly all at once. Brian Genter was the first to arrive, the Joe Kim. Rob and Nestor, Justin and the Santa Clarita 4 all seemed to appear at once. I had climbed onto a rock on the top of the hill.


The others climbed up and joined me…


Shortly after this pic, Jim Haskett arrived. We all hung out for awhile and then started the fun part… running back down the hill. I opted to take the fire road, rather than the Pacific Crest Trail back down. I have not run it before and I wanted to check it out. Most of the others had run it going up so they all took the trail down. The road made for an awesome downhill. It was nice and wide and the footing was almost always pretty good. I did not have to be careful, I did not have to hold back. My pace on the downhill was typically 8 or under, in spite of the warm weather and somewhat sandy dirt surface.

By the time we got down it was getting toasty.  The senior runners had placed their camp chairs along a wall in an attempt to get in the shade…


Some of us hung out next to Alan’s car and tried to get a little shade…


12.2 miles – 3248 feet of elevation gain/loss….  Good training run for Hood to Coast!

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