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San Diego Ride and Run weekend

My daughter in law has a sister who is in the Navy, stationed in San Diego. At the moment she and her husband, my son, are living with us while he works on his teaching credential. The two of them, and my wife and I decided we would head to San Diego for a visit. Daniel and Grace stayed with her sister while Cheryl and I got a cheap motel. Looking for things to do, I discovered that there was a bike path/route to completely loop San Diego Bay. The prescribed method is to start at either end of the ferry route. There is a separate bike path through Coronado and the Silver Strand including the west and south side of the bay. The east side of the bay is mostly on bike lanes inland of the Navy Base. Our motel was close to the base, so we began our ride at the motel. Cheryl and I rode our tandem and Daniel decided to ride along.  We took our time and stopped often for pictures…. We even had some BBQ at the village by the ferry terminal.


Saturday we took it easy and did some touristy things…. Trolley tour and such…. fun!

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Sunday I got up and ran a 12 miler. I started at my motel and headed north through the industrial section to the bayside. Separating the industrial section from the touristy area was a bridge over the railroad. Once I got to the bayside area, running along the boardwalk I began to notice cones and course markings. Right before I was ready to turn around the lead pack of runners appeared. I ran upstream along the side to the back of the crowd… and then I made my uturn and started back. Was it my fault there were hundreds of other runners running on the path back the motel? I passed lots of runners over the next mile and a half until I made a right turn leaving the racers behind. The last few, through the industrial section were a drag… but I made my way back to the motel.


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