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Hood to Coast this weekend!!!

The Hood To Coast Relay is Friday!  Well, really Friday – Saturday!  I will be heading to Oregon tomorrow to begin my latest adventure. The great people at Hylands have invited me to be on their team and I am excited to do so.  As you may recall (if  you are a regular reader) I had the privilege of being a member of Hylands’ teacher team at this year’s Boston Marathon. We had a great weekend. Hylands treated us to a couple of brunches, a Red Sox game, a private bus to the start line (that stayed and kept us out of the rain…. awesome…) and an even more awesome finishers’ celebration party!

A month or so later, one of the other members of that team, Walter Brown, shared on Facebook that he had a team at Hood 2 Coast that he had not filled yet… a few of us expressed interest… and then I heard nothing for quite some time… Then the Hylands people posted that THEY were sponsoring a team. Walter gave them his team to fill and they were looking for runners. Of course I put my name in for consideration. Again, some time went by with no news…  In June they announced the team and I was on it!!

This time, Hylands was sponsoring the whole thing – transportation, lodging, race registration, running gear, some meals…. it is a sweet deal.  And it starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I fly to Portland where they will have a driver meet us. They will drive us to their lodge up at Mt Hood for dinner. In the morning we will have breakfast and hang out until it is our time to start the race!

Hood to Coast has 1050 teams and it uses small rural roads. Therefore they do not start everyone at the same time. In fact they have each runner post recent race results so that they can calculate a predicted finish time and then they start the teams from slowest to fastest. The first teams start at 5 am and the last teams start at 3 pm. Our team is scheduled for HIGH NOON!

The team is split into two vans. Van 1 has runners 1 – 6 and Van 2 has runners 7 – 12. The team coach (I assume) assigned each runner on the team with a leg. The race website has lots of details about the particulars for each leg. They are NOT equal and they do not add up to be equal. So there is strategy and a ranking system that they recommend. If they followed the ranking, I am our team’s number 8 ranked runner….. I am running the 10th leg.  Looking at the assignments though I do not believe that they strictly followed the recommendations..  In any case, once again, I am in Van #2 running the 10th, 22nd, and 34th legs of the race!

So, I have tried to guesstimate what times I will be running. If our team runs with an average pace of 7:30 I should be starting my legs around 6:30 pm Friday, 3:00 am Saturday and 10:30 am Saturday. We will finish in around 25 hours. At an 8:00 pace I will start at around 7:00 pm, 4:00 am, and 12 noon. We would finish round 26 1/2 hours. I guess we will see.

  • My first leg is 5.12 miles and is rated as “Moderate” Looks pretty fast to me with only 29′ climbing and 124′ of descent.  Click here for details.
  • My second leg is 6.7 miles and is rated “Hard.” It climbs around 400 ft in 1.7 miles and then drops 600 the rest of the way… Click here for details.
  • My third leg, fortunately for me, is the easiest. It is 4.12 miles and is rolling with a net climb of 56 feet…. Click here for details.

Sometime Saturday we will all arrive at the beach in Seaside Oregon for the finish. I believe we all get to get on the course and run through the finish chute together. Than it will be time to celebrate on the beach!  I am sure Hylands will have something very special for us there!  Keep an eye on Facebook as I will be sure to be posting pics along the way!



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