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Balboa Newport Beach Weekend Getaway

Cheryl and I had a great weekend a couple weeks back at Newport Beach. We took our little camping trailer down to Newport Dunes RV resort Friday afternoon and got settled in for the weekend. We hung around the resort Friday evening walking around the bay. There were a bunch of outrigger canoes lined up on the shore. I spoke with one of them and it turned that they were getting ready for a Saturday morning race… to Catalina!


I was a little sad I would be able to see them shove off the next morning…. Of course I had other plans. I had entered the Lexus Lace Up Orange County 5k and that was a 10 mile bike ride away in Irvine… We left before sunrise Saturday morning on our tandem to get there.  Click here to read the race report… I had an awesome race!

After the race we headed to the Sherman Library and Gardens in Newport Beach. I discovered the garden a few years ago and we have been intending to go, but it just hadn’t happened. The garden is right there on PCH and from the highway it looks like a normal business front. As you drive up you wonder where is the garden. In the back there was parking, so we par and went inside… The place was a little small, but it was beautiful. There were several sections including an indoor garden… It was much more than expected…. definitely worth the stop….

After the gardens we went back to the campground and then we decided to go for a walk. We walked about a half mile to Balboa Island. We headed around the perimeter on the Island till we saw the Ferry. We decided to take the ferry across to the peninsula where we walked some more. We walked out on the pier. We rode the ferris wheel.. then we took the ferry back to the Island and walked back to camp.

Sunday morning I got up early and went for a run. The camp is on the Newport Back Bay. There is a bike route designated to loop the bay so I went and ran the loop. Turns out it was a nice 10 mile run…

We love camping at Newport Dunes… I am sure we will be back…..

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