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Lexus Orange County 5k

Last year I tried running the Lexus Lace up races. I did OC, Palos Verdes and Riverse… the 10K – all 3 times. They were all well organized fun events… and I won my age group at all 3 events! So, I was looking forward to trying them again this year.

Like last year, I made a whole weekend camping trip around the OC edition. We head down to Newport Dunes RV Resort on Friday, ride and race Saturday, and head home Sunday. Saturday morning Cheryl and I got up at 5 and hopped on our tandem, in the dark, and rode along the back bay, past UCI and up a river bike path 10 miles to get to the race. We took the tandem to the “bag check” and they were kind enough to park it in their tent.

This year they did not offer a 10K at OC. They had a 5k, Half and a Marathon relay. So, I did the 5k.

I had a REALLY good race. The course was a simple out and back on the bike path. It was ever so slightly uphill going out and down coming back. My first mile was 7:01 and I was a little concerned that I had gone out too fast, but I felt good and kept pushing it. There were a couple of guys that looked like they could be my age up there and the chase was on. Just before the turn around I got by one potential age grouper, and another not too long afterward.

Mile 2 was faster with a 6:59 split… I kept trying to catch people and had a 6:52 3rd mile.

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There was this last guy up there and I chased and chased him down… coming up on his shoulder as we ran through the chute. Cheryl was in just the right spot to get a few photos… I had been running all out from 400 or more out and he responded to the challenge. I did get my shoulder ahead of him for just a bit but we were pretty even at the line…. turns out he was in the next age group up….

My official time was 21:13 – my fastest 5k since the YMCA Turkey Trot of 2012!  I was only 3rd place in my age group, so the competition was pretty tough…


I was thrilled with the time result! If you check the age graded score for the race it comes out to 73.29.  If you click on the menu button (the 3 lines – the stack of pancakes in the upper right hand corner) and choose age grading you will see my all time age graded race list.   This race comes in at NUMBER 3!  Only my PR 19:52 Mardi Gras 5k and my Santa to the Sea Half score sightly higher!

Funny thing is I don’t feel like I am running as well as back then. I am running heavier than I want to at around 180, and I am not doing nearly the mileage I was doing back then. ….

I feel that I am running really well, though… In practices with the Hillview team of late I have been doing some of our annual standard workouts… The Secret Weapon workout with its 4 half mile repeats all uphill, and our 2 mile x 4 mile time trial.  My segment times have been up there with the best since at least 2014….

My only concern with the Big Bear Marathon coming up is the scarcity of long runs… I have found it hard to get out there on the weekends… but I still have a little time to get a couple in….

Oh, the rest of the camping weekend was great. We rode back to camp…


We had a nice visit to the Newport Botanical Gardens and a long walk around the Balboa Island and Penninsula Area. I will post these pics separately… Sunday morning I did a 10 mile run around the back bay before we packed up and headed home.


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