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Injured… but Won my Age Group at YMCA Turkey Trot

I have not been running the last few weeks. I ran the Joshua Tree Half on November 3, and it went well.   Sunday, Monday and Tuesday after the race, I was somewhat sore so I took a few days off. Wednesday morning I woke up with pain in my left hip and outside thigh area. I have had pain in this area before – Piriformis  or Scaiatica is causing pain through the buttocks down into the outer leg. The pain was prevelent when sitting. The longer I sat the more it hurt to get up…

I decided to give it a few more days with no running… it got worse. The next Monday and Wednesday I tried some chiropractic help which seemed to help, but as the next week went along it got worse.

That brought us to this week. Monday I tried acupuncture… first time ever. From what I read online studied show that it can be effective for degenerative joint issues so I have hope it may help. I had the one appointment which seemed to help a bit, but Dr Kim said more visits were needed and she was closed the rest of the week… I go back on Tuesday.

Tuesday night the HDR workout was in the dark… no lights at the Joe Walker track so we decided to run a few laps around the park. I thought since it did not seem to hurt to walk or during little bits of trial runs, I would give it a try. As the run went along things felt better…. but sitting to drive home… that was still painful.

So, that brings us to today, Thanksgiving day. I had already registered for the annual YMCA Turkey Trot 5k so I figured I could at least go out and jog it…. So I got there, got checked in, did NOT do my usual warm up run, loosened up a little with the group warm up, and took off at the gun. I took off conservatively. I noticed Jim Haskett run by. It took a quarter mile or so to go by Lisa Costello. The first half mile was around 3:45 – so a 7:30 pace, a little faster than I was expecting but things felt good.

I passed Jim about 3/4 mile in and just held the same pace the rest of the way.  My mile splits were 7:34, 7:32 and 7:31…. not as quick as the race back in September, but given my condition and lack of training.. I’m happy with it.

Turns out I won my age group! Woo Hoo! That’s 10 big points for our HDR Gran Prix Points Contest!


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  1. 1. Do arch and sag but do not arch into pain
    2. Do press ups keeping hip bones on floor 5x relax tummy into floor when at the top
    3. Avoid sitting but if you must like when you have to drive use a lumbar support pillow always
    4. Draw in belly button and lean forward from hips (not a round back) when standing
    5. Walking over Running until pain gets better Avoid cycling ElliptiGo is ok
    6. Start Pillar core strength training planks etc Avoid crunches and sit ups
    7. Maintain weight at 170 lbs

    Get well soon! -clay

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