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Long Beach Vacation

Lately I have become known for being a world traveler…. but sometimes it is fun to vacation close to home. Wednesday, the day after Christmas, through Saturday was a great example of that.

First, on Wednesday we visited the Los Angeles Zoo. My daughter in law, Grace, who is from the Dominican wanted to go, and I found a groupon, and we all had the day off, so Cheryl, Daniel and Grace, Annie and I all went. The LA Zoo is not huge, but it is big enough to enjoy poking around a few hours…

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Thursday Cheryl and I went back over the hill and down to Long Beach. We checked in at the Queen Mary for a 2 day stationary cruise! I had not been on the Queen Mary since my sister took me there for a tour when I was about 10! Checking back on the history of the ship it would have only been in Long Beach a few years at that time. They were advertising a Christmas lights event and we thought it would be fun….

We were there early afternoon so first thing we did was wander about the ship for awhile looking at some of the cool history. Then we headed to the other side of the bay, had some dinner and enjoyed a walk along the shore.

Back on board, now that it was dark, it was fun to see all the lights and activities. Many were for small children… but we enjoyed a few, especially the strolling accapella singers!

You can see that it was cold there….

Friday morning we headed over to Palos Verdes to explore the South Coast Botanical Garden. Being the end of December, there was not much in bloom, but the place is HUGE! We spent several hours walking and exploring.

From there we headed back to the Long Beach Bay area and took time for a movie : Welcome to Marwen – good movie.

After dinner we found our way to Naples. Kind of funny, having grown up in Fountain Valley Ca, only about another 15 miles down the coast, but I did not know about Naples until this trip. Naples in a small island between Long Beach and Seal Beach. It has some canals that wander through it. There are gondoliers giving people rides! But best of all for us this evening was that the houses along the canals go all out with Christmas lights! We found a place to park and walked around for a couple of hours!!

Saturday we headed back to the bayside and I ran a 5k… just for fun and to get some points in our High Desert Runners points contest. I managed to come in 4th our of 78 runners!

We finished our little trip with a stop at the California Science Center in LA to see the King Tut exhibit and IMAX movie. I did not get any pictures… but it was very interesting… makes me kind of want to go see the place where these treasures have come from…. hmmm.

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