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2018 Wrap Up

It seems medals make nice Christmas Tree ornaments. I have considered this for several years, but I wondered to myself what sort of statement I would be making by putting race and ride medals on my tree…… but Cheryl thought it would be a great idea, so I did it. This only included medals from the last two or three years. I could easily have filled 3 trees full of medals……

This last couple of months has been frustrating and painful. Not sure still what exactly the issue is. My GP at Kaiser did a quick exam and said hamstring tendinitis at the upper attachment. Sometimes it is definitely sore there. But sometimes the pain is higher… My chiropractor Tony Smith and Clay think it is sciatic or disc related.  All I know is that it still hurts after two months to sit down. You don’t realize how often you need to sit until it becomes painful. The worst is sitting on the toilet and driving. Both have gradually progressed so that the initial sit is not painful but it becomes painful the longer I sit. 2 months ago it was immediately very painful the moment I sat…

So, I have taken two months (almost) off of running. I did make a few exceptions: I had already registered for the YMCA Turkey trot so a few days before I ran an easy few miles. It did not seem to worsen anything so I went ahead and ran the race. I did the same a month later with the HDR Jingle Bell Jog 5k. Both races were about 24 minutes, several minutes slower than back in September, but still fast enough to get some age group placing bling and some big Gran Prix points!

This last week Cheryl and I went down to Long Beach for a few days. Going into the last weekend of the year I had a 1 point lead on Grant Barnett for 3rd place in the Points Contest. He let me know that he planned to run a Mt Wilson – make it a double event – more than 26 miles and worth 3 points. So, I entered one of those “A Better World Running” races that are held literally every weekend down below. There were 78 runners and a 23:34 was good enough for 4th place overall. This was a 4 point improvement for me so I earned a 2 point lead on Grant. He informed me that he would run a marathon on New Year’s Eve…. very small event so only 3 points, but that would put him ahead. I debated going to the same race and doing the 5k which would get me at least a tie…. and I had the tie breaker… but I opted out of it.  It was not worth the hours of sit in the car time just to hold onto 3rd place… Still I have ended the year with my most Gran Prix points ever – 136 and have finished 3rd place!

I ran 25 races in 2018! Plus of course 2 cycling single day rides and the 7 day Sierra to the Sea ride!  Mileage totals:

  • Running – 942 (only 36 in November and December)
  • Elliptigo – 115 (way down this year)
  • Tandem/easy – 95 miles
  • Road Cycling – 746 (way up this year)

In September I ran a 21:13 5k and that ranks among my best ever age graded races, so I was running really well before my current injury. I got lazy the latter half of the year on core exercises, stretching and such so I blame myself….

2019 begins today… time to begin again. I am working on core exercises and stretching and I plan to get that Elliptigo back into lots of motion. I also plan to lose weight!!! It is amazing to me that I ran as well as I did in that 5k at over 180 pounds….

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