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Slow, Slow start to 2019

The sciatic nerve, or disc, or piriformis, or whatever got me back in November has led to the slowest start to a year in as long as I remember. January and February I put in a total of 55 miles running and 56 miles on the Elliptigo. I did the LA New Years 5k, in 25 + minutes  and I did the Love for Smiles 5k also in in 25+ minutes. As March begins, however, the hip seems to be about 90 percent better. I don’t feel it running or Elliptigoing. I don’t even feel it sitting unless I sit for quite a long time. So, I am beginning to get back into the swing of things. Last week I ran 3 times for about 15 miles… .I would have ridden the GO some more but we have also been going through one of the wettest winters I can remember.

I should note as well, in case someone reads this and has not heard…. This picture taken of Jesse and I at the LA New Years 5k was taken right before his heart attack. He had a heart attack a couple of miles into the race and was given CPR by another runner. After days of a coma and eventual recovery he was sent home. It seems he is still a long way from a return to running, however.

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