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GO ing for it

Last year the Elliptigo was pretty much neglected. I realize that I can thank my recovery from my last injury to trianing on the GO, but once I got to feeling good I returned to my old ways.  I did some road bike riding last year… of course.. with Sierra to the Sea and a metric century and the Ojai Valley full century… but the commuting and training on the GO fell to the wayside.

I have been trying to get on the GO this year… but have been held back by the rainy weather… and my schedule… and I fell on it earlier this week… (nothing major – bruised hand.. almost back to normal now…)

But I have big plans.

Clay and I are going to do the Sierra to the Sea ride that we did last year… but this time on our Elliptigos! Here is a link to the first day of last year’s ride…

In order to train for it we have some other rides in mind:

  • Saddleback Gran Fondo -50 miles
  • Caliente Ride with the High Desert Cyclists – 40 something…
  • Tour of Long Beach – Metric Century
  • Ojai Valley Century –

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