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Saddleback Gran Fondo 50 miler

I took a big step toward getting ready for Sierra to the Sea…..

This was one of my toughest rides ever…. The forecast mentioned Santa Ana winds, which means the wind comes from the North to Northwest. So the first part of the ride was not only uphill, but it was into the wind…. It was relentless. Even when there came a downhill, I could not upshift and get moving faster… Somewhere in the teens I told Clay that doing 50 was not a good idea… I was already feeling leg fatigue in my adductors and calves. I felt either one was ready start cramping…

At one point we finally hit a pass of sorts and the downhill seemed steep enough to speed up. We took a break for a photo, some water, and I took some Hyland’s Cramp Relief tabs…  Several more miles of downhill and we reached the point of decision. This was the point where the 35 mile option took a right turn. Clay stopped and tried to hide the sign. I just grinned and wizzed on by.

The wind seemed to have let up as we made our way around a big clockwise, down, then up loop. As we made our way around the loop we were expecting all that wind we had fought to become our ally.  Unfortunately, it was not to be. The Santa Ana winds stopped, and the typical south coast Sea Breeze came up…. so the latter part of the ride was downhill, but it was still into a headwind!!  Ouch!!

You may have noticed quite a squiggle at the end…. The 50 mile ride was really about 48.3, so Clay and I wandered easily around the campus till we had an even 50.

So, it may not have been fun … the first part… The middle part was enjoyable… But this is definitely one of those things you do, where when you are done, you know you are glad to have done it!

As for running this week, I got in two good ones. We did some partner intervals at the Tuesday evening HDR Workout and I took the Hillview running club group up to the Bunny Hill and down to Coldstone.




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