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Vacation in France!!!

Spring Break 2019 offered a great opportunity to fly across the pond and explore. Cheryl and I have been doing a cruise per year for awhile now. All the previous cruises have been ocean cruises, but this time we decided to try our first river cruise.  We booked our Viking River Cruises – Bordeaux cruise more than a year ago… with our friends Darrell and Leslie.

After booking the original cruise, Cheryl and I decided to add a 3 day pre-cruise tour which would begin in Paris and explore our way toward Bordeaux.

Tuesday – we flew to Paris… 10 plus hours… we landed 8 or 9 am Wednesday.  This was a good thing as it gave us a free day to explore Paris. Viking agents met us getting off the plane and had a driver take us to our hotel. We left our bags (to early to get our room) and we headed off on foot…

Our first stop, about a half mile from the hotel was the Arc De Triumphe.  I had purchased tickets ahead of time to ensure no issues with lines… but on a Wednesday morning in March… there was no line… We climbed 282 steps to get to the top and enjoyed our first panoramic view of Paris.

Next, we caught the Big Bus Hop on Hop Off Tour. We rode it for awhile, took some pictures of the Eiffel Tower and other famous landmarks. 5 or 6 stops later we got off and went walking… we got some lunch at Subway (figuring there would be plenty of time for french food later) …. and we walked through Luxembourgh Gardens and checked out the Pantheon.

Tired… we caught the Big Bus back to the Arc De Triumphe and walked back to the hotel… we got some McDonalds… and got some sleep!

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