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Link to the Precruise Tour Post

Link to Bordeaux River Cruise Part 1

Wednesday, Day 5 of the cruise found us in Bourgh. This was a nice little town on the river front. Some of the passengers headed off on optional tours while the rest of us had a walking tour exploring the area. Once again, there were cobble stone streets, ancient churches and interesting sites to see.

After returning to the ship, I changed into my running clothes and headed out for some more. The wall you see in the pictures had a series of steps going up it. I headed to the steps and ran up them. I circled downward on the streets and went up again… about 5 times.

The ship then sailed during lunch to Blaye. We took yet another walking tour and explored the Citadel. This was built, together with 3 others to protect the river, and Bordeaux – upstream from invading ships.

Thursday we sailed, in the morning, arriving in Pauillac in the early afternoon. There we had a wine country tour and tasting. Dinner was served at one of the châteaus we visited.

Friday morning we sailed back to Bordeaux. Whilst we were sailing I got in a run….

After lunch we had the afternoon free to explore Bordeaux some more. We did so with a Seqway tour…. I love Segways….

The Segway ride was the last outing of the cruise. We had yet another lovely dinner. Speaking of which. The last few days we opted to eat in the dining area upstairs. It was the same menu as the main dining area, but the tables were smaller. The first night it was just Cheryl and I. The last two – the Downs joined us. The smaller tables and the smaller crowd made conversation much easier.

Overall the cruise was great and i would certainly reccomend it!

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