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3 Days in Paris – Palace of Versailles, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Saints Chappelle

Saturday, March 31, our Viking Bordeaus River cruise ended. We had signed up for a post cruise extension in Paris, though so we were not heading home. They bused us to the local train station and put us on a fast train to Paris…. I got curious about how fast we were going so I turned on my Garmin GPS watch and clocked us as high as 186 miles per hour! Afterwords they provided a transfer to our hotel in the vicinity of the Paris Opera.

Sunday morning we took a bus “highlights” tour of Paris. Most of the sights we had already seen on our Big Bus tour before the cruise. We did take some time however, to visit Notre Dame. As I write this, a couple of weeks later – sadly, Notre Dame has burned. Having just been there it was very sad to watch the news media feed seeing this beautiful cathedral in flames.

We happened to be there on a Sunday morning, so we toured the inside while a mass service was underway…. awe inspiring.

Sunday afternoon we were taken to The Palace of Versailles…. Tres beautiful. We had a small tour with our small group of 8….

Following our official tour we wandered the gardens:

If I ever go back to Paris… and there is much more to see… I would like to have more time to explore the Gardens of Versailles.

Monday morning I got up early and ran from my hotel to the Statue of Liberty and back…

Monday was a day that we had free to tour on our own. I had booked tickets to take the lift to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Cheryl, Darrel and I walked all the way there just so we could see all the sights we had seen from busses a bit closer. The Eiffer Tower was a highlight of the trip. It is much larger than one would think… and much taller.. I was amazed… I did not want to come down….

Our final activity was a dinner and a concert. I had found and purchased a deal where we were given dinner in a Michelin Star restaurant and then walked to Saints Chappelle for a concert. The concert was a small string group doing classical numbers. The dinner was first class and so was the concert. The sun was going down during the concert and we were privileged to see the fading light through the stain glassed windows.

Tuesday, Viking arranged our cab to the airport and had a guy there to make sure we got checked in quickly and efficiently… One of the nice things about this trip was that Viking had all the technical parts completely nailed down making things smooth and easy…

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  1. Dale, Wonderful that you visited Norte Dame before the fire. How sad. As before, we were in Europe fours years in the 80s and took the kids back in 2003… jogged the morning streets of Paros with daughter Melissa, before she ran X-C at Seattle Pacific! San Chapel is my fav site in Europe… seriously!

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