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Brutiful Bike Ride

Not a typo…. This morning Clay and I joined the High Desert Cyclist on a Brutal –  Beautiful bike ride from Caliente up into the foothills north of Tehachapi. This was intended to be our – my? second main training ride in preparation for Sierra to the Sea. Clay and I have decided to scrap the Elliptigo idea for SttS in favor of road bikes. So this morning the Elliptigos stayed home.

The ride started with a 9.5 mile uphill…. This was a brutal uphill. By mile 3 I was in 1st gear. A couple of times I stood to crank through particularly steep parts. On one of these about 6 miles up my calf cramped up and I had to stop. I took some Hylands Cramp Relief and resumed the ride patiently up the hill. Clay pedaled ahead but came back and waited a few times along the way.

After the first hill it got quite a bit easier. There was a screaming fast downhill, and then some miles of much more gradual uphill until we reached a high point. The 2nd half was downhill, but most of it was westward heading… into a pretty good head wind. So even the downhill required work.

Cramps seemed to come back every hour or so… I had to stop a total of 3 times and take the Hylands. Each time it provide relief for quite a while as I pedaled as carefully and gingerly as possible to the finish.


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