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Last year I was running strong. I put up some pretty good times… not as fast as a few years ago when I was setting PRs…. age graded pretty close…. which made me happy because I was running a little heavy. I was hovering around 175 to 180, while when I was PRing back in 2011 – 2013 I was more like 165 to 175.

Then I had the injury early November. I took 3 months almost off…. Even now I barely have 100 miles for 2019… and only a half dozen Elliptigo rides and now 1 killer road bike ride…. meanwhile my weight has crept up to the 195 range!!  This is the weight I was back in 2008 before I lost weight and got fast…

I have been struggling for motivation.  But Friday I founds something and I am giving it a try….. Dietbet…. It is an app, and a website.  You sign up for one of their many challenges, put up some money and if you meet your goal you get your money back, plus some. If you don’t make your goal you lose your “bet.”  For example, I put up $100 to join a 1 month 4% challenge.  I weighed in – after dinner Friday at 204! (all my other numbers are first thing in the a.m.)

So, I have a month to get my after dinner – official weight down to 196. If I succeed I get my 100 plus my share of the pool of money that comes from those who did NOT meet the 4% goal. At the same time I joined a 6 month 10% goal.  We’ll see!

They verify weight by submitting pictures of numbers on a scale and numbers of my full body. It is supposed to be light weight clothing. I chose some shorts and one of my smaller shirts…

I weighed in after dinner tonight, btw, at 201.2. Already down 2.8 pounds….

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  1. You really should get away from dieting, just saying that dieting doesn’t work, you might start betting on your dieting which creates more dieting then more betting. Oh wait, it already happened. I realize I’m a little blunt, just being honest, a serious fault of mine.

    Try lifestyle changes, splurge a little when you go on vacation or cruises but get back to reality of portion control, healthy eating of more vegetables and fruits garnished with a little meat. Cut out the boxed foods the fast food the processed goodies but allow yourself to fail once in a while just get back on the lifestyle track as soon as possible.

    Look into a more keto based lifestyle which cuts out processed food and carbohydrates. Watch Netflix documentaries like Fedup, The magic pill and others that show just what a poison sugar is to our system.
    The Western Diet is probably the worst diet know to mankind which is why the heart disease, diabetes and obesity epidemic is so prevalent in America.

    It is not about being the right weight. There are many people that I call TOFI which is thin on the outside but fat on the inside. Just because you are thin does not mean you are healthy, you can still have all the diseases associated with poor diet. So it should not be about the weight but rather how healthy you are eating.

    Weight does matter of course when you are trying to run good times on a race or bike up a big mountain but those are small things when it comes to your overall health.

    Weight is only one symptom of poor eating habits, I’m going to have to bet you will strive to get healthier not just lose the weight.

    • Call it a diet or call it stopping bad habits…. this is what I am trying to do. Using money to incentivise the process…. It has already helped me avoid some cheating knowing I have $100 at stake…. btw, once you get down to your goal weight, the have a maintenance bet option… Thanks for your input and thanks for helping to keep me accountable.

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