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Diet Run Step Bet…

I posted on the 8th about trying out a new app called Diet Bet… I joined two groups on dietbet. I joined a 1 month group ($100) that goes from April 6 to May 3. I weighed in, in the evening after dinner at 204… (ouch). My usual – morning weight the next day was 197… still an ouch. To win my money back – plus a split of the money from those who did not meet their goal. I have to get to 195.8 by May 3.

In addition to the 1 month bet, I joined a 6 month group at $25 per month. The goal is 10 percent. I have to get to 183.6 by October 8.

My official evening weigh in is already down to 198.4 ! And my morning weight this am was 192.2… I plan to gradually shift my official weigh ins to the morning. I am well on my weigh! (way)

As I was getting into this, I may have got a little carried away. They have a separate app called RunBet. It is the same idea. Join a group with a specific goal for a specific time, place your bet and go for it. The goals are pretty much aimed at beginner runners, but I found it could still fit my purpose. The group I joined was a 4 week group with a goal of 4 30 minute runs per week. The minimum pace of the runs if 15 min/mile….

This is helpful to me as it forces me to get 4 runs in per week. Some will be WAY longer than the 30 minutes. The minimum pace is helpful as some of my runs, with my track team are interrupted with breaks… or they may be interval workouts.. but I find the average pace using ELAPSED time, not moving time… still stays under 15. I am now in week 2, with 2 runs already logged.

Whilst at it, I checked out their StepBet app and joined in I am in week two of a 6 week challenge. Each person has their own goal that the app sets up based on your history… It took my history from Garmin Connect. My goal is 4 days with at least 10971 – called active days, and 2 power days with 13271 steps.

This has forced me to take some walks. I have to get the steps in even if it is an off day from running…. (I found that if I put my watch in my pocket rather than on my bicycle – cycling also activates steps…

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