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Wednesday Night Riding – High Desert Cyclists

The last two Wednesdays I have ridden with the High Desert Cyclists on the weekly “Quick ride around town” ride. The ride is posted on the “Meet-up” site – along with their other rides and events. Each week there has been 7 or 8 riders. The rides start at the Rancho Vista Golf Course parking lot.

On Wednesday the 17th we rode up N8 to 55th, did a loop up in the houses there and then headed North and West past Joe Walker Middle School, behind Quartz Hill High and up Ave L to 90th. This was my first ride on the new bike path there… They were not kidding when they said a “quick ride” around town. I was the last up the hill. I figured i would do better going back down but the dropped me even farther on that. We went up 70th to M8 and they waited for me there. From then on, though I was able to hang with them… I was pedaling all out, using LOWER gears than I am used to and really upping the cadence. We did 20 miles altogether.

On Wednesday the 24th we headed up 60th to the Aqueduct – west for awhile and then a super fast downwind… well , you’ll see:

Now I don’t feel like I am “In Shape” right now… and I’m 20 + pounds overweight…. but riding with these people has me REALLY pushing the pace, just trying to keep up! Between the two weeks I have set 9 new PRs! and 7 #2 s….. wow…. just imagine when I get into shape?

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