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Tour of Long Beach

This is rather late…. but a couple of weeks back Clay and I did the Tour of Long Beach. You may recall that we did the same last year…

Both times we entered the metric century. The ride starts on the harbor and heads inland along the river path for awhile. It then crosses the city heading east and south to El Dorado Park and then back towards the shoreline. After this it simply heads south on Pacific Coast Highway all the way to Newport Beach and then heads back on PCH to Long Beach. It is a very flat ride.

I started at the front of the pack, and Clay and I headed out with the leaders. I felt comfortable drafting and hanging with the group all the way to El Dorado. Shortly after the park the lead group dropped me (us.) As the day went on Clay and I lost each other once or twice and eventually. Somehow near the end of the ride we seemed to be with most of the leaders again…. (everyone took different amount of time at the aid stations…)

The ride ended with a sprint down the bike path in Long Beach. My average speed for the ride was 17.8 mph – which is my new Personal Speed Record for a long bike ride. There were numerous segment PRs set on Strava.

Also, my seat did not hurt…. meaning my bottom did not get sore. Last year, the biggest pain in doing the Sierra to the Sea ride was a sore bottom from sitting on the bike seat. And even the 40 mile Caliente ride from last month had me off of my seat standing to pedal the last 10 miles…. I credit the improvement to my new seat – the Infinity seat!

It looks a little odd – but so far it really seems to work! Much more comfortable than my old seat…. which, by the way, was not the original that came with the bike. It was supposed to be n upgrade….

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