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Another Hyland’s Adventure

I have accepted yet another great opportunity to run for Hyland’s.!!

Hyland’s is a company that produces Homeopathic remedies. A number of their products are beneficial to runners and cyclists. They are the official cramp relief product of the Boston Marathon. On a side note, btw, I have found that the Hyland’s cramp relief tabs are more effective than any other remedy I have tried for exercise induced cramping as well as for cramping that I tend to get while relaxing in the evening after a hard race or cycling effort.

You may recall that in 2018 I was accepted as one of the teachers on the Hylands teacher team running the Boston Marathon. Here is one of the blog recap posts…. and then In August last year I was selected to be part of the 12 person team running the Hood to Coast Relay! Read about it here… I missed out on the opportunity to be part of their team at Boston this year as I failed to qualify with enough cushion to get accepted into the race. In March I was accepted as a Hyland’s running Ambassador!

As my running has been returning to form, and as my weight and overall fitness have been improving I have been toying with the idea of trying to qualify for Boston 2020. The difficulty is that I would have to qualify by September 15. There is only one So Cal marathon before then – Camarillo, but it is in August…. too soon, and likely too hot. If I go further to do my attempt, Santa Rosa would be a good option, but it is also mid August, and I fell I need those extra 4 weeks to get ready and make my attempt. The ideal place to give it a try would be the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon on September 14 – near Salt Lake City, Utah.

And then I found out Hyland’s was putting together a team for that very race!! I accepted their offer and I am in! I am registered for the Big Cottonwood Marathon on September 14! Hyland’s will have just a few of us from the Boston 2018 group and at least one of the other Hood to Coast runners there! It will be a chance to catch up with some of these, while also meeting some new Hyland’s athletes!

It is interesting that I will be doing my first Revel Marathon. I personally blame Revel for the recent changes to the Boston Marathon entry times. Over the last 4 or 5 years so many people have qualified for Boston that it has become basically 5 minutes faster to get in. So this year they actually upped their entry standard by 5 minutes? Where do you suppose these thousands of “extra” just barely qualifiers came from? Down hill marathons like Revel….

Revel takes downhill marathoning to new level. Their races all drop 4 or 5 thousand feet! So, I guess it is my turn to give it a try.

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  1. Give it a try Dale and I hope you make it. Would be nice to see you in Boston in 2020. I qualified in Boston this year but only by a couple of minutes. I will try to up my chances at Revel Rockies in about 10 days. I’ve never done a Revel race either. Will be fun and interesting.

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