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Happy New Year!!

Not sure if many (any) read this but my apologies for falling of the blogging band wagon the last couple of months… Running and riding has changed a bit for me. I still love to race. I still love the feeling of fitness that comes from training…. I just am finding it increasingly difficult to go out and train. The most difficult part of any workout is the first step….

So, how to make that first step? Race, run with others, or just find a way to do it. I get in a speed workout each week by coaching the Tuesday night workouts… I get in a tempo or threshold run along with an easy run or two with my Hillview students. The trickiest part is getting out for that long run on the weekend. I have the Los Angeles and Boston Marathons coming up this spring so I need some distance. My plan is to use a couple of Charlie Alewine races, a couple of trail runs, the Runner’s Lane Saturday runs… or whatever i need to in order to get the miles in….

But I am finding that I do not really need 50 mile weeks. If I get in the 3 key workouts: Speed, Tempo and Long, most weeks, then I will be ready to race well. I supplement the 3 key workouts with easy runs, cycling and walking.

I have gotten my Elliptigo out and have begun to ramp up the training on it. This week I did a 10 x 30s hill sprint workout on an easy hill – P12. I also did a 19 miler that included going over the top of 70th West/Ave N.

I have also committed to commuting on my bike the rest of the school year. Some days I will use the GO, but others I will ride my new Ebike. I got it on a special black Friday deal. It is fun to ride. I find that riding it is still riding! My heart rate is about the same as for an easy ride on flat ground. The commuting benefit is that the motor takes up the slack and overcomes any problems with hills or wind. I don’t have to put cycling clothes on. I can carry as much gear as I want. It makes an easy commute – with the benefit of an easy ride.

2019 TOTALS890Running
761Road Cycle
80Walking (actually tracked)

I have been reading about the benefits of walking for runners and am going to track the walking a bit more seriously. Some authors have stated that it is okay to replace easy runs with walking. I don’t know about that, but I have been playing the stepbet game and have been winning money by getting in my steps every day. Usually, I don’t track the walks, I just go out and count steps. But lately, I have begun to GPS track the walks as well.

GOAL for 2020 = 3000 MILES

  • Run 1000 miles – including LA and Boston Marathons!
  • Ride 1000 + miles – Ebike riding only counts 50%.
  • Walk 1000 miles or enough so that the total of ALL 3 adds up to 3000 miles.
  • Weight – I got down to low 170s in September and have stopped there. My goal is to get to 160 for Boston…..

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