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Wonderful MLK Weekend

Martin Luther King – 3 day weekend was great! It started Friday afternoon. I got home around 2 and Cheryl and I headed down to San Bernardino. We got a hotel there to be in position for Saturday. I needed some steps so we went for a walk – got some dinner, and walked some more. We happened upon the Xerox center which had a really nice pond and waterfall out in front.

Saturday morning, since I was in the area….. I headed over to Ontario Mills to do the Ontario Mills 10K. I had previously done this race once before, back in 2010. I got there, warmed up a bit and headed to the start line. I wondered though, because I saw no mention of a 10k anywhere… .just a 5k. I saw the timer from Alliance Timing (who does some of our local races) and at the last moment I asked him. He told me they cancelled the 10k this year….. Nice to know, I thought!

The gun went off and about 400 of us took off. Knowing it was only 5k, I did not hold back… I ran a pretty consistent race pace wise. I finished in 22:26, a time I am happy with. I won 3rd in my age group and got a medal from Christian Okoye! (pic above)

After the race we went and visited my sister in law, Nancy in Indio. We did lunch and took her shopping then back to her group home. Next we went to McCullum Theater. We were early, but coincidentally, there was a nearby vendor faire! Nice! Then of course, the main event. We got to see the Piano Guys in concert. If you have not heard of these guys, do yourself a favor and look them up on Youtube… awesome videos…. amazing music.

The picture from the cheap seats (not that cheap) didn’t come out so good….

Sunday was a long day at church with a special event in the afternoon I was invited to sing at…. and dinner afterward.

And then Monday – the day off – I made up for a short running weedend with a long – 30 mile – Elliptigo ride! As mentioned in my (next) post!

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