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Apollo 18 – Long Run

I ran 18 miles today. This would be my longest run since qualifying for Boston back in September. I actually only planned 16. I got a nice early start, and ran about 5 miles on my own. Other runners started arriving and we were doing our usual “hi”, “good job,” “thumbs up”, as we were passing each other. Grant Barnett showed up and turned around to join me. This was a welcome turn of events as the time and distance always pass so much more quickly when you have someone to talk with.

Grant stayed with me for 6 more miles bring me to 11. He left and I did 2 more laps (miles) around the park. The laps can get monotonous after a while. I paused at my truck for a gel and some water – 13 down, 3 to go… but most everyone was gone, there was no one to say hi to in the park… So, instead I ran out the entrance to the Armory, I made a left on the dirt road and ran out to G. I made a left and ran down G until I got to the bike path that goes back into the park. The loop was two miles and it seemed to be over quickly. I said to myself, “You could do that again.” So I did, thus passing my 16 goal. I tacked on one last loop in the park and got 18. Yeah!

The rest of my week was rather easy…. Going back to Monday – well, Monday was not too easy….. Monday I rode the Elliptigo with Clay and with Keith Lake (a Santa Clarita runner who gave up running and took up Elliptigoing.) Keith is a beast. I drafted him to one of my fastest average paces ever! Later Monday night I did a run at Pelona Vista. There is a small group that meets there, in the dark, and runs the trails…. with headlamps… very easy pace… fun!

There is a cross on top of the hill just south of Pelona Vista Park!

Monday night I was suddenly hit with a severe stomach flu (or food poisoning?) – Diarrhea for a couple of hours and the worst chills ever. I could NOT get warm. I stayed in bed all day Tuesday. I took Wednesday off as well. Though I did get some walking in, to get my steps. Thursday I went back to school but I was not sure of my strength. I did not ride or run – but I got my 12000 steps in. Friday I ran with my Hillview team to Jamba Juice. I felt slow at first but got stronger as we went along.

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