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Covid Crushing It

It has been a long time since I have posted…. but I plan to get back into it. As literally EVERYONE knows, the Corona Virus – Covid 19 Pandemic hit the world back in February/March of 2020. I recall hearing about it in China, and not being too concerned. On March 8th I ran in the Los Angeles Marathon, and that was just after the Tokyo Marathon cancelled all but the elite runners! A week later on Friday March 13 they announced the closing of my school – Hillview.

Now we were only a week away from having our usual 3 week break, so we did not immediately attempt to begin distance learning. We just took an extra week off and had 4 weeks of ‘staycation.’ The stay at home orders where now in place.

So, what to do with my free time…. My first thought was to concentrate on continuing my weight loss pattern. In March 2019, after months off from exercise, fighting an injury. I was 197 pounds! I worked through that spring and summer to get to the low 170s in time to run the Revel Big Cottonwood Marathon and qualify for Boston! I relaxed the rest of 2019 and let it slip up to 177. Being at home makes it easier to not cheat on my diet…. There is almost nothing at home to cheat on! So, I have been exercising and eating well. Typically I fast on Wednesdays… I am now down to 167!

Meanwhile, my running and cycling routine has changed a bit. All the usual workouts: Monday night at Pelona Vista, Tuesday night speed workouts, Saturday morning at Apollo Park or the Runners Lane run, they have been cancelled. In order to make sure I continue running I have been using Runbet. The requires me to run 4 times a week. I have been running easy or a Sweet 16 workout on Tuesdays, a hard hill run (6-8 miles) on Wednesdays with Clay, an easy run Thursday or Friday, and then a long trail run with David Weary, Dawn and/or Molly on Saturday or Sunday!

On top of running, I have renewed my Elliptigo workouts. I was signed up for the Sierra to the Sea in June. It was cancelled, but before it was cancelled, I began to add a weekend long ride on the GO and some shorter rides during the week. Clay and a guy named Keith from Santa Clarita, have been joining me most weekends for a nice long GO ride. We have gone as long as 50 miles!

My Hylands’ team has been especially active during this time as well. They made a new facebook page and everyday there is a post where we share a picture of ourselves after our workout of the day, and our dress code changes each day… today it was gray/white. Additionally, we are posting videos of a strength workout of the day as well, typically push-ups and/or planks!

The weight loss, and the combination of hill running with Elliptigo riding seems to have worked very well for me. I wish I could go do races! Of course, they are all cancelled… but over the last few weeks I have done a solo half marathon in 1:39:18 and a 10.5k virtual relay at a 7:03 pace!! That half marathon was on the bike path in Bakersfield, the location of my all time Half Marathon PR! It was out and back so there was no downhill or wind advantage. Age graded, the 1:39:18 was my 2nd best half marathon ever! The relay was downhill and somewhat downwind, but Strava Grade Paced it at 7:10… This makes it one of my top 10K age graded runs ever.

So, as the title said, I may be home doing my part to help prevent the spread of the Corona Virus… but fitness wise, of late, I am crushing it!! Let the races commence!!!!

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