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Los Angeles County Arboretum

One of the things we like to do whilst out and about… worldwide, is to visit botanical gardens. We have been to some of the world’s best!!  The other day I heard that the Los Angeles County Botanical Gardens were reopening from their Covid19 closure. I thought it would be something fun to do so I checked out the website to see that they were open to members anytime and to the general public by presale ticket only. I also noted that members could arrive as early as 7:30 whilst the general public does not get to get in until 9. Checking out the prices I found that two can get in with a senior membership for $45! Also, they have a arboretum reciprocal program where there are a bunch of gardens that accept each other’s memberships! This of course got me to thinking… mini vacay.. focused on visiting gardens!  Stay tuned for this within the next couple of months.

So Saturday we headed down to Arcadia nice and early. We got there right after 7:30 and headed right in. We enjoyed a leisurely 5 mile walk all around the grounds! We headed home and enjoyed our first meal out since the closures!  Red Robin (yummmm…)  I know what  you’re thinking – first meal out and it’s Red Robin?  I had a gift card….. and a BOGO for teachers…. and I have been craving their chips!

The garden is always beautiful. Here are some pictures:

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