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Half Crazy Half Marathon!

A month ago I ran the “Run in the New Year” Half Marathon with an official time of 1:34:53. The course measured 12.85 by my GPS so I adjusted it to 1:36:30 using an online calculator. This gave me an age graded all time record! So, today I tried it again. Molly and I went all the way to Irvine this time to compete in the “Half Crazy Half Marathon” which was run with the Super Sunday 5k.

The course looked to be a little bit more challenging than the other in that the other was very flat… 211 ft elevation gain/loss according to Strava. This one, still pretty flat, but projected to be 500+ elevation gain/loss. My goal for the day was to see if I could beat that 1:36:30 or at least come pretty close to it.

Both races are organized by Caren Ware (Caren Ware Events) who has managed to host events in Orange County throughout the Covid Pandemic. The events are run very safely. Social distancing is practiced and face masks are used prior to and after the race. The check in area and the medal pick area are well separated from the finish line area. The start is staggered over several hours so that there is no crowd at any time ever.

The course was run on a really nice public walking path. We headed south a mile and a half or so, turned around, ran past the start and headed north for a couple more, then ran the south and the north out and backs again. Running the same thing twice may seem boring, but actually it made the race more fun. Since everyone starts at different times there is always someone out there on the path to chase down and catch…. ooohhh… if I do another of these I am going to count them as “road kill” (Hood to Coast Relay!!)

As I ran today, I really tried not to obsess with my watch. I noticed some splits, but not some others. I just concentrated on catching the next person up ahead. After the last turn around, with a down hill last two miles to the finish I snuck a peak and saw that I would have to finish really fast to break 1:36. I was feeling pretty good and it was down hill so I let it go. My last 3 half mile splits were 3:31, 3:15! and 3:31.

I finished with an official time of 1:35:10. This is a few seconds slower than last month, but the course measured 13.00 – so my Strava pace was actually faster! 7:19 today – 7:22 last month. So, my adjusted time is 1:36:04 – another age graded personal record. I was 7th place overall and 2nd in my age group.

Molly had another great race – finishing officially 1:39:47 – 11th overall, 2nd place female and 1st in her age division! Congrats Molly!!!!

On March 13, Caren Ware has another event – the Rodeo Run… I will probably do it!

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