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Run the Year 2021

They say that the hardest part of any run workout is the first step out the door. I whole heartedly agree!!!!! I started running in 1998 as a means to lose weight. I discovered quickly that I love to Race! So weight maintenance and competition reman motivations for running, but on any given Wednesday what keeps me from skipping out on that day’s run? I am a very good procrastinator.

In addition to the Waybetter apps (disussed last post,) this year I registered for a couple of virtual challenges. They are both by the same organization – this post is about Run the Year! The idea is simple – you run and/or walk 2,021 miles in the year 2021. They have different levels you can register for, I chose the level that included a medal but not a shirt…. I have too many shirts already.

The medal for Run the Year 2021 is really cool. It has hands that you move along throughout the year as you accumulate your miles.

They also sent a “passport”, a coloring book where you color in places as you do the miles.

Confession: I have not been coloring mine in, I stole this picture from the internet!

Well, between my walking and running I am well on my way! I earned my 300 mile badge the other day on the 13th.

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