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Amerithon 2021 – 3521 MILES!

My last post was about my participation in the 1000 Mile Club on Facebook and in the Run The Year Challenge – 2021 miles in 2021 combined walking and running.

On January 1 I joined an additional challenge – The Amerithon! The idea is run, bike, swim, waddle, crawl, skate… you get the idea… all the way across America – virtually. The challenge can be started at any time and you are not limited to one year to complete it. I just have set my own goal to complete it in the calendar year of 2021. The organizers have a very specific route across the states totaling 3521 miles. So, I figure if I add 1300 cycling miles to my running and walking I will have it.

I started on January 1 and by January 3 I already had reached my first milestone: 25 miles – the Bay Bridge: Check out the video… It is fun to see some familiar places the I have actually ridden and/or run: The Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco!

On January 17 I reached the second milestone: 121 Miles – Twin Oaks

10 days later: 227 miles – Yossemite Sam! It is awesome that they did not route us along some interstate… We are headed through Yosemite National Park!

On February 8th, 319 miles completed – the Mammoth Segment

Re watching these videos for this post I am impressed that they took some time thinking about their routing. The last one starts at an alpine lake in Yosemite National Park. I would expect them to route from there up the highway over Tioga Pass and eastward. Instead they have followed some dirt road or trail through the mountains coming out at Mammoth Lakes! Then they take the road down to Bishop and farther south on 395! I bet were gonna go through Death Valley!

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  1. ha ha… I am not sure if it is even bike-able…. I have considered doing a transcontinental ride some time. Maybe in a few years when I retire!

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