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Cycle the Valley 40.5

Christian and I did pretty much the same ride as last Monday –  except we started and ended at his house – 40th East and R-8 in Palmdale. We went […]

Cycle the Valley

177.2 – Okay, I guess I will have to start the calorie counting. When I lost weight last year, I used a program in my Treo to keep track of […]

Longest Week since OC

I went and watched UP today in 3D!  Very good movie. Two thumbs up! Afterwards, I ran an 8 mile route back to my house. This time it was a […]

Just a bike commute today

174.8 I rode my hybrid bike to school today – heavier and wider tires than the rode bike.  I was also going to run a few miles with the kids, […]

tri training?

Today I did a little bit of everything. Cheryl & I rode our tandem bike around West Palmdale stopping to check out the yard sales. Total distance was 16 miles. […]

Cycle the valley

This morning I rode to school 6.04 in 24:07 – 15 mph. After school I rode from Hillview to AV High School for our track meet – 10.70 in 35:35 […]