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Power Training

As mentioned a few days ago, I bought a Stryd running power meter. It is a foot pod, that can measure speed, power and other running metrics. It can even […]

September wrap up…

A day early…. but I’m not running or GOing tomorrow…. In fact tomorrow will finally be the first cross country meet for Hillview. More on that later…. woo hoo!!! The […]

Metric Century on Elliptigo!

This morning I got up early and drove Ventura to do the Ventura Marathon Bike Rides Metric Century. I was a bit scared going into it. My longest Elliptigo ride […]

August is underway

The first week of August… I took a last minute trip to San Francisco. At one of my conferences I heard about some mechanical creatures there called Strand Beests…. They […]

May Report

May has ended with a very warm run to Vince’s Pasta and Pizza. We typically end our Hillview school year with a club run there to celebrate our accomplishments. This […]
May Report


Pick Up Stix closed its Palmdale location… quite some time ago… Cheryl and I were fond of Pick Up Stix…. they often had 2 for 1 offers. So, Cheryl got […]

1485 to go….

I went to Marie Kerr Park to meet with my Hillview Running Club Runners.  For some reason participation over this break has been VERY sparse. I have had anywhere from […]

GO Long

First – the second half of the week in review…. Wednesday was a day of recovery. My foot is still getting pretty achy. Thursday was the second Cross Country Meet […]

Run, Go, Ride Tri

I did a triathlon today! Not your conventional tri, there was no swimming. I ran, rode the Elliptigo and rode my road bike.  My workout plan called for a 70 […]