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Run, Go, Ride Tri

I did a triathlon today! Not your conventional tri, there was no swimming. I ran, rode the Elliptigo and rode my road bike.  My workout plan called for a 70 […]

Trial Run….

First – catch up info: Thursday the club ran to Vince’s Pasta and Pizza. The path way crosses the desert from M to L so I could not Elliptigo or […]

Riding round town

Clay wants me to do some Elliptigo and some riding…. as long as the riding is low stress, So I got up and rode my road bike to Hillview this […]

Tremble Tuesday

I was going to call it triple Tuesday, again, but instead came up with something different. My legs were trembling a couple of times tonight, so it is Tremble Tuesday… […]
Tremble Tuesday

Triple Tuesday

I know, today is Friday…. XC season get REALLY busy and there is lots to write about… Tuesday I did a triathlon of workouts!  Not the typical run, swim and […]