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Easy Day 2000

Today was an easy day. Only two workouts. 1) The Hillview kids and I did 2 big loops and 1 small loop at Marie Kerr. Then we played some Sharks […]

Hill Crazy

If Clay has his way the title of my last blog post will become patently wrong.  But that is part 3 of today’s workouts… 1) This morning I met the […]
Hill Crazy

Ride to school +

No running today. But I did ride to and from school. When I got home I did some exercises. My workouts with Clay (at least the official ones) are over […]

Half a fartlek / cycology

To any non runners or new runners who read this – that is a strange looking post title! It looks like Mr. Lister needs to use his spell checker. Fartlek?  […]

Wow, I am beat…..

Today, so far has been an uber calorie burning day. First I headed over to Marie Kerr for Hillview’s practice. We did our Mt Rite Aid run. 5 miles – […]

My first DNF

For those of you at tonights race….. sorry but this a late post about yesterday’s events. Briefly, we did the Hillview practice in the morning and the Lancoaster ride last […]

Tried something new…

First, the usual….. Hillview XC practice at Marie Kerr. We ran over behind Highland and did hill sprints at 20 seconds each. This time we did not quit at the […]