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Tried something new…

First, the usual….. Hillview XC practice at Marie Kerr. We ran over behind Highland and did hill sprints at 20 seconds each. This time we did not quit at the […]

A Jamba Sandwich

sounds messy…… This morning I sandwiched a run to Jamba Juice between two bike rides on my Schwinn.  I left my house a few minutes after 6 so I had […]

Two for Tuesday (squared)

First – rode to Marie Kerr with as much detours and deviation as time would allow – 6.5 miles. Note- when I ride to and from practice I ride my […]

Biggest Loser 2011 begins

The Block Bikes Biggest Loser contest of 2011 has officially begun! Last year, was the first year of the contest and I WON IT!  My starting weight was 187.4 pounds! […]

Brenna Hill

Several years ago, my kids and I ran our “Gilligans Island” loop. When we got to Gilligan’s Island the small group I had that day decided to go just a […]
Brenna Hill

Nice Sunday Run

This morning at 6:30 I met Chuck and Lauren on the aqueduct for a run. Chuck and Lauren had started 45 minutes earlier, so they were just finishing their first […]

50 something kids

I updated my list of new runners in the Hillview Summer XC program. As of this morning there have been more than 50 different runners come and run with me. […]

I found a new exercise

It is called stand on a ladder and saw all the dead fronds off the palm tree…… I am exhausted…… First, it was another nice day at XC practice at […]

I forgot Smokey’s collar

Yesterday I had Smokey shaved. The kind folks over at Critter Country did the honors. When I picked her up, I forgot her collar. Today, Cheryl asked about the collar […]

A new year begins

Each summer I invite my students to come train with me at Marie Kerr Park. I also invite new students to join in. This morning was our first practice of […]

Yo Yo (again)

First – a side note:  This last week was the last week of our school year. This always makes it pretty busy for us teachers. Of course, now we get […]