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Recovery Week

At Hillview, track season has ended and cross country club has begun. This is sort of a preseason for our cross country summer training season. Whatever we call it, kids […]
Recovery Week

Hemet Ride

Today is visit the inlaws day. Typically I enjoy a game on the couch. Today, however, I decided to bring my bike and go for a ride. I headed North […]

mixing it up…..

1) rode to school again. 2) recovery run with the team. 3) rode home – felt really dead, probably the heat…. 4) Tonight was the first Wednesday night¬† ride for […]

6 hill repeats

I read an article in Marathon and Beyond the other day. The article reviewed the various studies that have been done on the effectiveness of cross training for distance runners. […]

HDR Tuesday Night Speed Work

First – Christian and I rode our bikes to school today. The ride to Hillview was entirely into a strong headwind. The wind and my dead legs made it difficult. […]

A little R & R

I know what you’re thinking. I have been getting too much rest and relaxation lately. If fact the bathroom scale this morning told me that I have been getting too […]

Tandem Riding

Most years, the school’s spring break coincides with Easter so that I do not have to work on Good Friday. This year was the 2nd time that that has not […]

Another Day

Today, I got up early and met my friend Christian, in front of my house and we rode bicycles to school. Each trip is 6 miles. It was 28 degrees […]
Another Day

One Quarter Weekend

Century- that is….. Chuck, Lauren and I met at 6 Saturday for an easy 10 miles. Most of it was easy, but the last mile or so, Lauren started to […]

Bike Commute and easy run

Not much today – 12 mile bike commmute on the Schwinn Hybrid and an easy 3 with the team…. Tomorrow HDR trail run 14 hilly miles. Sunday 10 at 5:45 […]