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I am the Biggest Loser!!

I just got an email letting me know that I did indeed win the Block Bikes Biggest Loser contest! Turns out that it was not really close. I lost 22.8 […]

Easy Monday

No run today. All I did was get in a bike ride to church in the late afternoon. We have VBS going on this week and I usually help out […]

Run and Ride

I was not able to attend the goings on at Lancaster City Park, so I don’t yet know the biggest loser results yet training still goes on. Dave Weary, Chuck […]


The biggest loser competition at block bicycles and the Tour De France challenge both end this weekend – tomorrow actually. For the biggest loser competition, you have the option of […]

Friday’s 3 Rs

Run, Ride and Rock Set….. The morning started with practice at the park. We did a couple of laps around the park, a rock set and one round of frisbee […]

A couple of bike rides

Last night was the Wednesday night ride put on by block bikes. We did my favorite, of the routes we have done so far. We went from Lancaster City Park […]

Hotter ride

It will be nice when the heat wave breaks. I hear maybe tomorrow. Of course the Tour de Block required a ride today. At 3 it became convenient so off […]

Hot Bike ride

I had this great plan for yesterday. I was going to do the 5K, but I also needed to do my Tour de Block ride. So, I put my Fuji […]