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COLD Cycology Ride

At least 30 riders braved the cold winter evening temperatures last night to ride bicycles around west Lancaster…. All to see some Christmas lights! Cheryl and I rode our tandem […]

Wednesday Night Cycology Ride!

This week I switched out the “mountain bike” type tires that were on my tandem for some nice slick road tires.  Wow!, it made a huge difference! The last couple […]

Cycology Ride

This week Cheryl and I rode the tandem again. Annie went along and rode my Schwinn hybrid. Annie had an easy time of it. The course took us to the […]

Cycology Night ride

Cheryl joined me this week for the Wednesday night bike ride. We rode our tandem with the group of 60 or so runners around east Lancaster. Cheryl did well and […]

Wednesday night Cycology

Another fun ride around Lancaster. This time we went a little farther west and actually got out of town for a bit, using 50th west heading north and Ave H […]

Triathalon Monday

Chrisitan has been my riding buddy the last few Mondays, but he is traveling. Ordinary, this would put my workout in jeapordy, but not today. I got up and headed […]

Wednesday Cycology Ride #3

Last night 43 cyclists joined the weekly cycology night ride.  Clay, Zach and Kendall joined in for the fun this time…… We rode about 24.5 miles, includind a brief sprint […]