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Saturday I ran on the PCT. It has been a number of weeks since I have done so. Last time was 11/14. Thanksgiving week I was going to stretch out […]

HDR workout

Last Friday night at the check in for the Jingle Bell Jog, the Rubles, the Guttierrezzes and I agreed to do the 12 days of Christmas workout tonight. I, however, […]

Jingle Bell Jog… fun run

Today was Erick and Krysti Rubles first ever race as race director. They did an excellent job. I made sure I stayed nearby to be of help. The Gutierrezzes and […]

6 on the Aqueduct

I am following an “easy” training plan with the goal of being able to run a half marathon in early January. I am thinking it would be fun to run […]

Jamba Run

Nice day for a run to Jamba Juice! There was a bit of a headwind and it was a bit cold waiting around once we got there, but it was […]

GO run GO

6:30 a.m: Rode the Ellliptigo to Hillview. It was 40 degrees and there was a 9 mph westerly wind. And my legs were already feeling a bit fatigued from yesterday. […]

October 31 Ridge Run

October ended with a really nice run. I met Clay and the Desert Christian boys on Bouquet Canyon and the Pacific Crest Trail. We once again ran the 4 miles […]

Trodding along

Sunday, Clay and I were out on the trails again, but this time on Mountain Bikes. A few months ago I used my team performance points and an undisclosed amount […]