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Posterior Pounded

The other day I was praising Clay for his creativity…. Today, I am not so sure…. Starting yesterday, I was experiencing soreness all the way up my backside: My hamstrings, […]

Ladder Intervals

The workout for the day was intervals of  7 minutes, 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes and 2 minutes. I had to get creative to get the workout in. I […]

Clay is creative

But then again, we already knew that. I headed over to Clay’s office for my Monday evening workout. I warmed up on the bike as usual. While doing so, Clay […]

Half Marathon Day

All my friends, well, a lot of them, ran the Santa Clarita Half Marathon this morning! Congrats to all of you. I did a quick search and spotted the following: […]

Bunny Hill Coldstone!

What a nice way to end the workweek: Finish teaching, get changed and head outside to the parking lot. About 20 kids and Joe Kim met me there for the […]

Sweet 16 and 5 hard minutes

Yesterday’s workouts included my “Sweet Sixteen” set of form drills with the students at Hillview and my biweekly trip to Clay’s office. The form drills are starting to feel a […]

Found the perfect hill

One of the “little” additions to my program that I have gleaned from Brad Hudson’s program is to add some very short, very steep  uphill sprints at the end of […]

Cross Hill Training….

Cross Training #1 – Monday I headed over to do my workout at Clays. After my warm up I tried the 300m, 200m, 100m ski interval once again. I felt […]

Easy 10

Chuck and I enjoyed an easy 10 miler on the aqueduct this morning. Lance was there as well, running off ahead of us as usual. I was planning on 5 […]

Two Lister workouts…

Lister’s Lookout Loop and “Follow the Lister”  Wednesday was our “off campus” run day. So we looped through the houses just south of the Boulders, up to the aqueduct. We […]

Valley Press Article today:

Hillview boys shine at Mt. SAC meet WALNUT – The Hillview Middle School boys cross country team ran exceptionally well at the prestigous Mt. SAC meet over the weekened. The […]

Tune Up Tempo

This afternoon about 40 kids joined me for our Hillview club run. I decided to sneak in a tempo run without them knowing it. I was pondering just how to […]

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

A quick note to whomever is following my training: Monday – Easy 5 miles with Chuck and Lance on the aqueduct.  (The early morning practices at Hillview are no more.) […]