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A little achy….

I felt pretty good after Sunday’s run. Yesterday I took the day off. Well, except for the 109 burpees! This afternoon I headed out with the Hillview kids for some […]

Epic Suffer Score 301

On Strava, if you have the premium membership and if you run with a heart rate monitor, it calculates a “Suffer Score.” I just posted today’s run and I noticed […]

Mixed Bag

Today, I wanted to do lots of exercise and burn lots of calories, but I did not want to get myself sore for Saturday’s 5k.  I ran with the Hillview […]

(Semi) Sweet 16

The plan, for my team was another sweet 16 workout. With track season less than two months away, I am having them focus on adding some strength so that they […]

Short N Sweet!

The last couple of weeks, my interval workouts have leaned toward the long: 8 x 2 1/2 minutes (medium), 3 x 10, 2 mile-1 mile- 800…. I figured it was […]

Strava Intervals

This morning Clay and I sent chasing after Strava records.  Well, Clay was chasing the records.  (click for Clay’s blog) I was chasing Clay. If Clay and I run the […]

End of the week round up

I felt better after Tuesday’s workout than I did before….. almost normal Wednesday. Pretty much normal on Thursday. Wednesday I led the kids through yet another sweet 16 workout.  Last […]

Catch up post

I was about to write about some fun today, Saturday the 8th, when I realized I have not blogged since Tuesday. There was nothing unusual to write about since Tuesay…. […]

35 16 8 600+ 6:25 6:11

I thought I would start by confusing everyone with some numbers from my workouts. 35)  Today is day number 35 of the 100 Burpee Challenge. I had the Hillview kids […]